So I bought a few bits and bobs over the last week, this is what I remember of the items I purchased. The grey midi is from Primark and Im not defiantly sure i'm totally happy with the fit. It fits fine around the top and torso however around the bottom isn't quite as clingy as a better quality midi. I have one from River Island which fits much better. I suppose for £10 its a bargain and its a handy basic. 

The pinafore/ culots I previously mentioned in an older post, I have decided to keep. I hope I will get a lot of use out of it as I think it was quite expensive to hardly wear when it is so simple too. I have got a few images of things to wear with it. I still need to come up with more ideas. 

The other little items I bought were pants and a sleeping eye mask as my new bedroom has white walls and is so bright early morning I have been struggling to sleep. I think it will work and it was only 50p. 

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