A bit of this and that

Randomly out shopping and came across so many cute items in TK-Maxx! I love how the home wear is pretty much one offs that you probably wont find if you went back again to buy something. I am a bit gutted I had to get a bus home as there were so many things I would have grabbed. They had beautiful jewellery boxes, tea cups and a fab picture in a frame that was so random but I wanted it sooo bad. I ended up getting something that we actually needed for the flat and as you can see they are pretty cute hehe.  

Today I woke up to realising how messy my bedroom is getting. Im a little ashamed but as I showed my friends it soon became clear it is a girl thing! ha 
My friends on instagram soon showed me their own beautiful mess. I still think mine is up there with the worst as I am still yet to buy any bedroom furniture. Apart from a built in cupboard I am living out of crates. I plan to change this soon and maybe will take a few snaps when it is back to looking lovely. 

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