Late post

Revlon: 990 one perfect coral polish

Revlon: 013 smoked peach lipstick

MUA: red lipstick

So I'm still trying to get back in to the swing of things. Juggling work and my new flat whilst trying to get used to this blogging thingy majig.  I have tried to keep up to date with my daily outfits and so will post a few below. 

The past week I had a trial day at work to be accessories responsible but I didn't feel it went all that great. I will find out hopefully some time this week to put me out of my misery. On a plus my Zara top FINALLY came! (only 11 days after).  I happily wore it out on my rather weird but fun night up town with my best friend. I did have an old man ask me if i was going to bed though ha. 

I also went a bit cheeky and did a little shopping when pay day came around! I bought a lovely coral nail polish and a black pinafore but I have yet to wear it as i'm not sure it suits me. I will try and get a picture up of it in the next few days.

Missselfridge: coat
H&M: hat, bag, cardigan and leggings
River Island: denim shirt
Schuh: converse

H&M: trend cardigan, hat and leggings 
Camden pocket watch turned into a necklace
Asos: t-shirt

Zara: blouse
New Look: jeans


  1. good luck on the accessories responsible role! <3 xx

  2. Thanks Em! I did get it, found out this week! nervous x