A bit of this and a bit of that

H&M: trend panel blouse, cape cardigan and denim trousers
Misselfridge: long boob tube (underneath)

Today I spent my last full day off work with some of my family. We went for a belated birthday lunch for my mums birthday as last week the snow disrupted our plans. We Went quite early hence the second plate of dinner I ate this evening! Yes i'm very skinny an don't have a clue where all this food goes. 

I wore almost all H&M today. Talk about advertising them but I suppose with my staff discount I cant refuse a bargain! I had a nice day today minus feeling a little unwell. Im a little bit sad to be going back to work tomorrow although tomorrow is extra hours as I have agreed to help with some visual work in a different store. I really want to get in to the visual merchandising side of the job and so always try to help out when possible. 

Don't worry, I am working on my wish list based on the Vogue post I did recently.

I am also starting to get a little bit annoyed with Zara as I have yet to even receive an email to say that the shirt I ordered has been dispatched. This has now been longer than the maximum of 7 days they guarantee online, not to mention I went in to store to ask and they have no way of finding out when it may arrive to store! I love Zara but this is testing my patience.

AND breathe... Rant over for the day

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